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Sites like Solar Movies to watch TV shows & Movies Online for Free in 2019

Are you looking for sites like Solar Movies to watch TV shows, Movies, Web series, and more Online for free in 2019? Sites which similar to Solar Movies to stream & download movies in HD? Alternative to Solar Movies in order to stream and download in 1080P, 720P, 480P & 360P? In simple words, you are looking for sites which can be used on behalf of Solar Movies. Right?

If you want to be able to  alternatives to solar movies to watch movies on the Internet, this is the list you need, since all the suggestions we make to you have been tested by our team, so that you will be able to  see movies and TV series online for free without registering  and without having to pay anything since they are 100% Free pages.



123movies  is another of the pages that we want to recommend in this top 5 that is also one of the best and the best work if you are looking for free pages to watch movies online. In it, you can not only find the movie you want to see, but also its library is full of all the series of the moment and of varied countries (the USA, Chinese or Korean for example), so it is 100% recommended.

When entering 123movies we will give a menu at the top that offers three options to choose from: Movies, TV series and programs, as well as the trends in movies at that time and we will also see how we can enter a list with the different films classified based on the user’s rating, among many other options

What does 123movies offer?

  • Movies, online series and TV shows.
  • Section with all upcoming releases.
  • Contents in VOSE or Original Version.
  • Section of movies with adult content.
  • Section of movies and series best valued by its users.
  • Classification by types of film genres.
  • Section of movies and series recommended by 123movies.
  • Classification of the film according to the year of release.


Crackle is the last of the pages that we want to offer you on this list. It is a  page to watch free online movies perfect those who have not yet decided for a favorite movie genre that also has an Android application. His catalog of films is really impressive and also has many series.

Site :


Classic Cinema Online is a completely free page where we can watch films in Spanish and English. Classic Cinema Online is the best option for those who want to watch free movies online,  with a wide library of movies so you have a variety of classic and current movies.

Site :


Viewster also enters this list of the best pages to watch movies online for free, since in his case offers the possibility to access a large number of films, including “rare” titles or movies that are unknown by the vast majority of the public.

Site :


Repelis is another of the pages that contain high-quality films and a lot of variety, so it is also considered one of the best. In your case, we find one of the most interesting libraries on the list and in this way, we can find the most current releases in the top part of the home page. In this way, we can find the latest releases of films and news as soon as possible. The page has several sections and in this way highlight the sections most viewed and rated by users, and it will be easier to decide to see the movie.

If you want to  watch a free movie online in Repelis  , all you have to do is click on the movie you want to see or search for it through its search engine.

What does Repelis offer?

  • Movies and online series.
  • All the upcoming releases.
  • Contents in VOSE or Original Version.
  • Section of movies with adult content.
  • Section of movies and series best valued by its users.
  • Classification by types of film genres.
  • Section of films and series recommended by Repelis.


Snagfilms has a great web design so we can find in a very easy way the movie that we want to watch online for free. A website that offers a great experience to the user and, of the best thing that it has is that it has very little invasive advertising. Snagfilms can boast of having over 15,000 free movies.

Site :


Xmovies8  is, for our users of, one of the best sites to watch online movies for free as many are available on the Internet, so we have also wanted to include it in this list. In your case, we find a page that has a very good design and quite functional. The best thing is that it has a long list of current HD movies and movies that are not as new but have a lot of quality.

Site :


Popcornflix is also one of the pages that you can not miss to watch movies online for free since you will find quality content and a wide variety of movies. In Popcornflix you have several options among which we have films in the original version, as well as classic films and of course, the latest releases.

Site :


Programs Full Mega is in your case, one of the best pages to watch movies online for free. The best thing about this page to see movies is not only the possibility of watching the movies directly from the platform but also that we can download them without problems and see them at any time without needing to be connected to the internet.

Site :


YouTube is also a recommended online platform that has much content, among the millions of videos that are uploaded daily and among which we also have free full movies. The usual thing is to find complete free movies with copyright or public domain so that they become public domain when copyright expires 50 or 70 years after the death of the author.

Site :


We start with this page, ideal for those of you who want to see the films in English. This is  MoviesPlanet which is a web to watch free online movies in HD, which is really easy to use and highly reliable, which does not usually hang. This is undoubtedly one of the best pages to watch movies.

Website :


Gnula is the second of the best pages to watch free online movies that we want to offer you. A page that was born there in 2013 and since then only offers quality and many contents in HD movies. In addition, you can watch films in several languages ​​as well as movies with subtitles.

If you want to be able to see a movie through Gnula, you just have to click on the one that interests you and you will see how various options appear to us based on the quality of the film or the language that we want. Also to enjoy the movie  you do not need to be registered .

What does Gnula offer?

  • Movies and online series.
  • The next releases.
  • Contents in VOSE or Original Version.
  • DVD releases.
  • The movies and series best rated by its users.
  • Classification by genre of films.
  • Section of movies and series recommended by


Finally, we want to talk about  Amazon Prime Video that also has a good number of online movies in streaming but maybe it is somewhat less competitive than the previous ones, but not for that reason, less recommendable. The price of the service is completely free for users who have an Amazon Prime account. For the rest of the users, it will be € 19.95 per year, something that remains for less than two euros per month.


HBO  is also a platform for watching movies online and streaming from any device ( mobile, tablet and/or PC ) with Internet access. In his case, it also has a very wide catalog of movies, and in fact, HBO can boast of being one of the best streaming services to watch series. The price of the service is € 7.99 per month and if we pay that price per month, we can make 2 simultaneous reproductions. It also has a free trial month.


Movistar Plus  ( Movistar + ) is the second platform that we want to recommend, since it is one of the most complete that currently exists, although it not only offers  movies online , but also allows us to see the best series and drawings for children, as well like all football matches in LaLiga (Spanish League) and other European leagues and competitions (such as the UEFA Champions League), and sports such as Formula 1, tennis, MotoGP … Although to see everything that Movistar Plus offers, we have to pay a monthly fee whose price varies from the package.


Netflix  is the most famous platform currently in terms of  streaming service  to  watch movies  on any device ( mobile, tablet and / or PC ) that has Internet access. The service offers several plans  that vary depending on the number of devices connected at the same time and that are: Basic € 7.99 (1 device), Standard € 10.99 (2 devices) and Premium € 13.99 (4 devices) . The best thing is that you can try a free month and there are even tricks to see Netflix for free.

What is Hulu and how does it work? Here you have everything you need to know

In this ‘golden age’ of streaming and with more options than ever, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the broadcast platforms , and as a result, common questions and questions arise. What can I really see on a streaming platform like Hulu? ? How much? How is the new Hulu Live TV service (or services like this) different from a standard cable package? If you feel frustrated or confused, do not worry; We have all the answers you need in this guide, where we explain what Hulu is, how much it costs and how it works, as well as information about Hulu with Live TV. And if you’re interested in this service, but you’re still not sure if you want to commit to a monthly subscription, you can try Hulu for free for 30 days.


Hulu is a video streaming service to watch tv shows that allows users to broadcast popular television programs, movies or series, as well as having their own original productions. It is jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox (which has also been acquired by Disney), Comcast and, to a lesser extent, Time Warner (now owned by AT & T). Hulu focuses primarily on the transmission of the newest television shows, and on its own original content about movies or documentaries, and offers different monthly subscription levels (more on this below) to personalize your viewing experience.

The platform differs from other sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in that it allows users to access the series and popular programs of several traditional networks, almost immediately after its broadcast on open television. Usually you should only wait a week, and in some cases, just one day. Unlike cable , you should not worry about extra fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments associated with the subscription. You can watch Hulu at home or anywhere through many of your favorite streaming devices.

As mentioned, Hulu also has a growing line of exclusive original content such as Marvel’s Runaways , and The Handmaid’s Tale series , which received a series of awards and excellent reviews from critics and the general public.


The latest venture of the company is Hulu with Live TV . This transmission service costs $ 45 per month (after a price increase in January 2019), and allows subscribers to watch live and on-demand TV programming from more than 50 channels, including local news. and sports, along with everything offered by the regular channels of the basic Hulu package. The most recent additions include Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Motor Trend (formerly Velocity) and Animal Planet.

Hulu with Live TV can be compared to other services such as Sling TV, DirecTV Now or Playstation Vue, all of which allow access to live programming without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. Like those other services, Hulu with Live TV is not without problems. Transmission quality for live programs is often not as good as cable, especially with slower internet speeds or during busy periods.

To watch Hulu with Live TV on a computer, go to the Hulu website , where you will see your content options as you would with a traditional subscription, but on that page you will also see a “Live TV” button at the top of the page. the screen.


Hulu is available in a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets, as well as streaming platforms such as Roku , Apple TV , Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV . If you prefer to use your computer, you will find it in all browsers for Mac and PC. Also, in smart TVs LG and Samsung, in addition to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch.

The PlayStation 3 and PS4 consoles support basic Hulu but, probably due to their rivalry with Sony’s live TV broadcast service (PlayStation Vue), Hulu with Live TV is not compatible. In addition, the Hulu Classic app (which does not allow some features, including the live TV option) is available on select Vizio and Sony TVs, Android TV, Wii U, TiVo and select Sony, Samsung and Blu-ray players. LG


Hulu’s traditional streaming service has two subscription options: a level of $ 6 per month, where you’ll see advertising breaks in a similar way to open television, and another non-advertising option for $ 12 per month. For its part, Hulu with Live TV costs $ 45 per month with limited ads or $ 51 per month for content without advertising.

If you want extra services, things can be much more expensive. You have the option to add monthly subscriptions such as HBO ($ 15), Cinemax ($ 10) or Showtime ($ 9) on your existing Hulu subscription.

Although Hulu used to offer a free (though limited) version of its content library, that is no longer the case. The platform moved to a fully subscription-based model in 2016. However, in a recent partnership with Yahoo, Hulu moved some of its free content to Yahoo View. The website will make available the most recent episodes of selected series, and the new episodes will be added eight days after its broadcast.


Registering in Hulu is easy: you can do it in just a few minutes from your smartphone or computer. Simply visit and follow the instructions on the screen. You can also link your Hulu account with your Apple or Android account to simplify payments.

Unlike traditional television, Hulu does not require any long-term contract or commitment. You can try it for free and cancel without charges (although you do have to enter your credit card information when you register). If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do it easily online or through customer service. And if you ever decide to recover the service again, your account information will still be accessible.