Do you know what Pluto TV is? We explain everything about this service


Do not you know yet what Pluto TV is? Every day, there are more people determined to “cut with the bonds” of pay television and abandon once and for all their cable or satellite television subscription. And the truth is that, if you only subscribe to Netflix, the topic could work relatively well. But once you subscribe to other platforms to watch national channels, live news and sports channels on your TV, you’ll end up paying almost the same or even more than you paid for the cable, since -small detail! – all streaming service requires a good internet connection, which is also usually free.

Still, there are ways to save. Pluto TV offers an attractive collection of more than 100 channels and thousands of movies and TV series for the economic price of … absolutely nothing. Because Pluto TV drives Vizio’s WatchFree service, it is likely to become more and more popular in the future. Right now you will be thinking: “here there must be a prison”, right? Well, from now on we tell you that there is not, although you also have to know that Pluto TV differs from traditional live television in several ways, so you will do well to read this article carefully before cutting your cable subscription.


It is a live TV broadcast service, similar to Sling TV, and other competitors such as PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now and Hulu Live TV or other similar services. But unlike those platforms, which offer streaming access to the channels that are on cable television, Pluto TV offers free content, mainly curated from what is already available online.

This feature makes it a service similar to Rabbit TV, which costs $ 24 dollars per year, with the difference that Pluto TV has been offered at no cost since its launch in 2014, which has allowed it to gain momentum quite quickly.

On Pluto TV, you will find content from well-known channels, as well as some that you’ve probably never heard of, if you do not see many videos online. So you are subscribed to a live TV broadcast service, without a doubt you should consider using this option that is quite rich in content.


Basically, WatchFree is Pluto TV, although it is only included as such on Vizio TVs and works slightly differently than the application on other devices. On Vizio TVs, WatchFree appears as an input, similar to how your cable box would do, a streaming device (like a Roku or Apple TV), or a game console. All the programming that you will find in WatchFree is exactly the same, since Pluto is the one that gives coverage to that service. Apart from the name and some interface specific differences, most of what you are reading in this article can be applied to the Vizio WatchFree.


You will find some categories of regular programming such as news, sports, movies, entertainment and comedy and you can also enjoy other programs more related to the Internet, such as the “Chill Out”, “Life + Style” and “Geek + Gaming” sections.

Although standard television channels are not very popular in this service, you can find some that are represented through their web counterparts, such as Bloomberg, Cheddar, CNBC, MSNBC, CBSN, The Weather Network and many others.

Also, it is important to know that you will not find much variety in the sports theme, which means that it does not offer channels like ESPN , but at least you will find options like Fight, World Poker Tour, Impact Wrestling, a network dedicated to Sports News, Glory Kickboxing and Big Sky Network.

In the entertainment section, reality shows and documentaries are included, such as episodes of Dennis The Menace , Thunderbirds and other older television shows. Among those various channels, you’ll also find Wipeout, a network that only shows replays of the popular game show and several iterations from different countries, as well as Nosy, which shows repeats of The Jerry Springer Show and The Maury Show , among others. The Curiosity section presents Science TV, Docu TV, Xive TV and even a live transmission from NASA. New additions include Pluto TV Sitcoms, which offers a selection of older comedies such as 3rd Rock from the Sun and The Lucy Show, and a Spanish-language channel, Pluto TV Cine.

That type of hyper-focused network is part of the essence of Pluto TV, which also has Stand Up, a channel dedicated only to that type of comedy, Anime All Day and a channel dedicated to “fails”. Other similar channels include Slow TV, which shows relaxing images, Pluto TV Travel and 24/7 Cats, which are self-explanatory.

Several Internet radio stations are also available, provided by Dash Radio, which is also available as an independent service. The most modern types of music such as hip-hop, electronic music and pop are the most frequent, although the stations are also available with classic rock, soul and jazz.


The service can be transmitted through the web browser, but it also offers desktop applications for Windows and Mac computers, although it is important to know that they can only be used in the US. UU

On the other hand, mobile applications are also available on iOS and Android devices, with the separate US and international versions and offer different channels due to problems with transmission rights.

If you prefer to watch a series of devices on your TV that includes Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV devices and the PlayStation 4, do not worry because these also offer Pluto TV applications. In addition, smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, and Vizio are compatible, and the company’s website says it is more on the way.

All the applications that we have tested show the same interface, without significant differences between the platforms, with an exception that we will see next.


The on-demand offer of Pluto TV has some TV programs, especially TLC and Discovery Channel, although the vast majority of cases you will find are movies.

The available content changes frequently, and the service promises new successful movies every week. This constant rotation makes it difficult to know too much in advance what will be available, and is not on par with services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, in any case. The company has been bringing big names lately, including a distribution agreement with Sony that made Starship Troopers able to watch Pluto TV. Recently, we have seen titles like The Machinist, Patriot Games, Hotel Rwanda, Donnie Darko, and Memento.

On-demand content may not be available on all platforms or, at least, not all content may be available. In our tests, both the TV and movies were available on demand through most of the platforms we tested (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS and Roku), although on PlayStation 4 only on-demand movies were available .

We hope this condition changes in the near future. Recall that it is a relatively new service yet.


At least at the time of this writing, Pluto TV does not seem to go anywhere.

Although it is unknown how this company is managed financially, taking into account that it offers a free service, it does not seem that it will run out of money soon, since Pluto TV sells advertising on all channels and it seems that advertisers are buying.

Is Pluto TV right for you? The easiest way to find out is to download one of the applications on your platform of choice or go to the company’s website and look for a while. It will not cost you anything more than your time, and given the breadth of programming, there are quite a few possibilities that you find something that you like.

If you are looking for a more traditional TV experience on the Internet, see our comparison of the most popular services.


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