About Sling TV: channels, plans, prices and everything you need to know


Sling TV has gone through several evolutions since its debut in 2015, winning that year our prize for the Best of the Event. Since then, it has become an ever-present option for those who seek television without cable ties. Recently, he added free content from his channel selections to a group of Roku users who are not yet Sling TV subscribers, including titles like Shameless, The Big Interview with Dan Rather and Heartland. For the first time in the industry, it also launched the possibility of subscribing to individual channels on demand. The company is also implementing a new interface to facilitate your search. The multiple channel options of Sling TVand the list of features makes it surprisingly robust, in addition to its competitors who also seek to cut your cable. To simplify the offer, we have developed a practical guide on Sling TV so that you can choose your best alternative.


Dish Network, owner of Sling TV, would be happy to sell you 250 channels for $ 85 per month since it does not intend to replace the satellite cable service. Instead, it hopes to meet the needs of those who have left the cable or those who never had it, but can not meet all their needs on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. That explains the inclusion of sports networks of Sling TV, such as ESPN and NFL Network: the transmission of live sports is difficult to achieve without contracts.

While it was weak at first, the selection of Sling TV channels is being strengthened regularly, and its current offer is quite popular. A recent addition includes E !, best known for the reality shows Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Botched and Very Cavallari. It also offers video on demand from some channels, something like movie rentals. The best thing is that Sling TV does not require a registration fee or contract, and you can access a free one-week trial. A significant change in recent months was the elimination of the Extra Broadcast add-on, which includes ABC and Univision.


In the following charts you will see each of the Sling TV channel packages updated to February 2019, and a list of the channels included in the complementary packages that start at 5 dollars.

  • Sling Orange ($ 25 per month)
  • Sling Blue ($ 25 per month)

Between both listings, there are essential differences in the included channels. Sling Orange includes multiple sports channels, while Sling Blue adds networks such as FX and Discovery, as well as Fox and NBC in select markets. Each package can be updated with a supplement of Sports Extra, but each supplement is different and has a cost of 5 dollars per month for Orange and 10 dollars per month for Blue.

Sling Orange and Blue ($ 40 per month)

For those who do not mind paying extra, there is a third option: “Sling Orange and Blue,” which includes all channels of both packages for $ 40 per month.


Sling TV also offers several other packages, which cost between $ 5 and $ 10 per month, although some premium supplements such as HBO are more expensive. Some packages differ according to your Sling TV color, although if you subscribe to Orange and Blue, all the channels of each box will be available.

Sling also offers several international mini-packages.

It is also important to note that these packages can be updated and changed from time to time, so be sure to check the Sling TV website.


Sling TV has several exclusive benefits for the platform, as well as standard features with most online TV broadcast services.

Discount for recommending to a friend

It has competitive pricing models with other available services, but with your referral program, you can reduce your monthly bill. For each friend you refer to Sling TV, you and your friend will get a $ 5 discount for the next three months. Your friends will also benefit from a $ 5 discount in their first month, which equals $ 5 of an additional package.

Multiple transmissions

Only individual subscription packages allow numerous simultaneous connections. If you choose the basic Sling Orange package, you will be restricted to streaming from just one device. You can switch from your tablet to your decoder, for example, but you can not use both at the same time. Other more expensive plans allow up to three simultaneous transmissions.


In addition to sports channel packages, Sling TV includes the Game Finder feature to track upcoming games. It is an online search tool where you can find the next NCAA and NFL games of the regular season.

DVR in the cloud

For an additional $ 5 per month, you’ll have 50 hours of DVR storage in the cloud, although Roku users can enjoy twice as much. Unlike PlayStation Vue, you do not have a limit of 28 days of storage. Once you get close to the limit, Sling TV will automatically delete the oldest recordings, although it allows you to mark “protected” content. You can organize the content in folders and configure records from a program.

The recording is not available on all channels. However, you can record multiple programs simultaneously on channels that support the function. Similarly, while most devices support DVR in the cloud, Xfinity X1 and some Samsung TVs do not.

Video on demand

Sling TV offers a fairly substantial selection of “on-demand” movies. The rental costs are 3 dollars for SD and 4 dollars for HD. The library includes a variety of Disney movies. Also, an agreement with Epix will bring about 2,000 VOD titles, with new and old titles, covering the full range of favorite programming.

The titles are divided into categories of Action and Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Foreign Films, Terror, Children and Family, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Suspense, Classics, Romance, War, and Western. It also has a search function.

Free content

If you decide to suspend Sling TV, you can still see something. The service has a selection of free content that offers over 100 hours of movies and TV shows, including Wrecked, The Detour, Good Behavior, and Flip or Flop. This content is only available to former subscribers, including those who did the free trial but only on Roku devices. The company aims to add support for more devices in the future.


Sling TV avoids the visual guide in a block of your DVR and, instead, it presents a programming guide based on a timeline, with thumbnails for each program. It also has an integrated search, which allows you to find a movie in the catalog on demand quickly.

The user interface feels better on a tablet or phone than on our Roku or Amazon Fire TV, probably because its design is better suited to the touch screen than to the directional cursor navigation.

We tested Sling TV on a 65-inch TV screen and, as we expected, exposed gaps in the quality of the video. With a good Internet connection, we felt that we were seeing 720p and the frame rate is also prone to accelerate and slow down, depending on the flow of the buffer. ECable, Satellite, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have better HD broadcasts. Sling TV is best seen on screens that are 47 inches or smaller, as well as tablets and phones.

Sling is deploying a new search interface. Before you start writing your query, the application will present a list of the most popular searches of the moment. Like Netflix, it will recommend you to start the next episode of a program at the end of the current one.


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